Entry #2

Draw for you~!

2014-06-22 14:37:33 by DerpyEscapist

I can draw (mommy look at this!)

If you feel inclined to want an art trade; we can~! 

Here's how an art trade works (for those who don't know);

I draw a picture specifically of something you'd like me to draw (video game character, oc, ect...),

You draw something I'd like you to draw (video game character, oc, ect...)

We both submit our work and in the description say who it was for~!

So yeah... that's how that works...

I can also draw you anything you'd like... we don't have to art trade...

but if you use it, please credit me!

SjinI draw stuff like this...

JakeLike this...

The condesceor like this~!

So just comment if you'd like something and I'll be sure to get right back to you~!



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